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Preview of Single Group Cafe Installation bar catering service
Close up view of Single Group Cafe Installation expresso machine
Close side preview of our expresso bean grinder on the single cafe  moble catering bar installation
[Blank] Beverage Cafe bar catering, latte art pour

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Single Café Installation

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The Single Group Café

Your Tailored Coffee Experience:
Indulge in a world of refined coffee catering designed for exquisite events seeking a breadth of coffee to boba and even selected organic teas. [Blank] delivers tailored menus and custom paneling per your event's design.

The selection:
Choose your event's parameters from "75-100 Guest Count, "100-125 Guest" all the way to "125-150 Guest" for the ultimate occasion requiring our artisanal coffee experience. (For a more scaled event, try our Double Group Café Installation).

Tailored Coffee Creations
Tailor your coffee, teas, and boba menu to entice the most sapient palates. From classic espresso to unique cold brew concoctions, our baristas ensure every sip is a masterpiece.

The [Blank] Coffee Soirée:
Composed for those who understand the power of a well-brewed coffee to transform an event. From lavish galas to intimate gatherings, our bars are the hallmark of a keen host.

How to Select:
Simply select your desired guest tier, opt for our signature coffee bar, and let our experienced baristas bring your vision to life. From the first espresso pour to the last cold brew sip option, we make your event styled for unforgettable moments.