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Front view of the Tap Bar installation catering for events
Close up image of the Tap Bar installation pour
Close of view of the Tap Bar catering installation tap.

Blank Beverage

Tap Bar Installation

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The Tap Bar


Complete your event with our tap Bar Installation, a service prepared for those who desire more from their bar service. The execution of an optimal guest experience awaits. [Blank] delivers tailored menus and custom paneling per your event's design.

Fully customizable - from the "Custom Walnut Signage" for a lovely bar top finish, a "Backlight Color Choice" providing an elegant focal point finishing with the  "Custom Dye Cut" for the most chic exhibit.

Customize your tap bar to suit your needs. From the classics to unique concoctions, our mixologists ensure every pour is a masterpiece.

The [Blank] Soirée:
Service is intended for those who understand the power of a well-executed tap to transform an event. From lavish galas to intimate gatherings, it's the mark of an exceptional host.

Simply select your guest count, select our signature bar, and let our skilled team fulfill your vision. An event becomes beyond ordinary with every pour and sip when you amuse with elegance and make your event styled for an unforgettable occasion.